Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beautiful Shower Ceiling

Yesterday I came home from work to find we had a shower ceiling... and not just any shower ceiling... a super amazing 45 degree angled tile ceiling. Now I know this must have taken Calvin forever because of the complications with cutting on angles!!! It looks AMAZING!!! Now these pictures DON'T do it justice... I was having difficulties with my camera but was cooking at the same time so I didn't have time to figure it out. I'll try to take more tonight.

And the white tiled trim is also mostly done which was very exciting!! I love how it looks!!! To think we picked these tiles up at The Restore on a whim.. I really like the look of them!!!

SOOOOOO close!!!!! We have been trying to figure out what colour to paint the drywall above the tile. We didn't want anything dark because the ceiling is going to be white and it is a basement bathroom. But I didn't want anything that clashes with the tiles either. The tiles have a pinky hew to them. SO at the end of the day we have opted to just paint it white and add colour with towels and art on the walls! We actually have this amazing picture a friend gave us that I plan on getting framed and will go on the long wall across from the toilet and sink. Its going to look amazing!!!! Plus we already have a can of white bathroom/kitchen paint SO we don't have to spend more money on paint which is a bonus!!!!
I'm going away this weekend with a few ladies and I'm hoping when I come back on Sunday we will have a fully tiled bathroom PLUS fixtures installed and everything painted AND the heated flooring hooked up and working!!!! I may be dreaming... but its a pretty nice dream!!!
Oh and the progress on my painting of the basement has come to a halt because I've been too tired... maybe tonight I'll tackle that project!

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