Thursday, January 13, 2011

Updated Progress... Or Lack There of it!

I thought I would take a minute to inform you of the progress on our current projects.

First lets start with the basement bathroom.
Tiling: the tiling is basically done, there are few tiles in the entrance to be done but we have a little dilemma that we haven't figured out how to rectify just yet. Nothing major, just don't know which way to put the tiles so they look the best. Long story short its a weird entrance and either we make it look nice but the tiles don't match up with the rest of the bathroom (ie the grout lines don't match up) or we match the grout lines but it looks slightly off. Either way its going to look slightly funny.

Grouting: Since the rest of the tiles were finished Ryan and Dave spent last Saturday grouting the bathroom and I have to say it looks fabulous!!!!

Heated Flooring: Is connected and pumping out the warmth!!!! We are very impressed with it and have it set on a schedule to turn up when we're home and down in temperature when we are not home. LOVE IT!

Drywall: We have yet to finish mudding the drywall... which means no painting just yet.

Fixture Installation: We still need to install the fixtures... nothing really stopping us other than finishing the mudding and painting.

Door: Yes we still need to put a door on the bathroom... kind of a key for a bathroom. We have a door we just have to get around to dealing with it.

So as you can tell the basement bathroom is close but still a little ways away from being completed!!

Painting the Basement Fake Brick Walls
Well... one wall has been primed with 2 coats and has one coat of paint on it and its looking great!!!! The other wall however has one coat of primer on it... So hopefully this weekend I can finish the 2nd coat of primer and a coat of paint on that final wall plus on the missed wood panelling that is around our built in shelves down there. Once the painting is done I can put the basement back in some type of order and it will look a lot less chaotic!!!

New Flooring Installation Upstairs
Currently the new flooring is being stored under our spare bed... which means this project will not be getting done anytime in the near future!! Which is fine with me!!

I've just been so exhausted lately that when I have a free moment I sit on my butt and watch tv!!! I still need to tidy up the babies room before she arrives in approximately 4 weeks. Plus I haven't cleaned the house in 3 weeks... its getting furry with dust bunnies!!!!!

Hopefully, I can finish the painting this weekend and get the house clean! I have a day to myself Saturday which will be good as Ryan is out and Sunday other than a maternity photo shoot we don't have much going on. Fingers crossed things come together easily!!!

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