Saturday, January 22, 2011

Makeover Magic - My Parents Family Room

Ok so yes it is 5:30am... I am once again awake and can't get comfortable so apparently that means its time to update my blog!!!

My parents redid their family just before Christmas and it looks absolutely fabulous so I had to share!!! They had someone in to do all of the work and it looks GREAT!!!! Now I couldn't find a good before picture so you're going to have to make due with these...
You can see the brick fireplace pre-reno. Nothing is wrong with it.. it just needed updating (this is a pic from the Christmas party when Ryan proposed to me).
Ok I know it is dark (and that my friend Jen will probably kill me for this) but this is a view of the fireplace and book shelves before.
This was the other side of the family room. Once again ignore all of the people, I only seem to have pictures of this room from Christmas parties!
This is what it now looks like! Don't you just love the new fireplace and mantel!!!! It looks so updated and so much better!!!
Plus the new chairs and couch do a LOT for the room. No more green and maroon plaid chairs... well at my parents anyway... we inherited that set and it is in our basement now... I'm still on the hunt for a slip cover for them!!!!

Doesn't it make a HUGE difference! I just love the fireplace!!! There was originally stencilling around the border of the family room (which my mom did way back when) and now that it is gone the room actually appears to have higher ceilings and to be larger because of the fireplace. I love this room!!!!

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