Sunday, January 2, 2011

Basement Progress

We have a little more progress on the basement. Ryan and I worked on the second coat of primer... we had planned to paint one coat of paint on it too but never got around to it because we had too much other stuff to work on (aka catching up on sleep). I may get around to a coat today if I feel up to it! GOODBYE ZEE BRICK WALL!! (well technically it is still there but looks soooo much better!!!
And the basement bathroom has had huge progress!!! Ryan's brother had been busy with the tiling, there have been lots of funny cuts and angles in this bathroom so its taking a little while. BUT finally its soooo close to being done. All that is left is the ceiling in the shower and the white trim tiles around the bathroom. Its VERY exciting!!!!
Here is the shower, you can see our built in shelf on the right side for all our shampoos etc.
Ryan is so excited for his bathroom!!

SO CLOSE!!!! After the tiling is done we just have to finish taping the drywall and then paint and install the fixtures and we have a second bathroom!!!! SO EXCITING!!!

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