Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Weekend

Not much was completed around the house this weekend because it was Ryan's birthday and a bunch of family and friends went tobogganing on Saturday!!! I watched from the bottom of the hill but this was our weekend!

And a little video from all the fun!

Then Sunday Ryan and I assembled the rocking base to the bassinet that my mom brought over on the weekend. This bassinet has been in the family for 62 years and has had 17 babies sleep in it! I can't wait to see our daughter sleeping in it!!!! We got the Jolly Jumper bassinet base for it as a shower gift and it fits perfectly!!!! My mom spent many hours updating the bassinet as it was a little bit 1980's with frills and the paint was yellowing prior to its mini makeover!! THANKS MOM!!!

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  1. lol I love that the pictures were taken from the car ;) lol hilarious! wish I could have been there, looks like fun :) xoxoxo