Sunday, February 6, 2011

Actual Progress

This weekend Ryan was BUSY!!! On Saturday he finished up the tiling by the doorway AND installed the limestone around the shower entrance. It looks FANTASTIC!!!! We went with a lighter cream coloured limestone for around the shower. We had the option of a white (which looked cheap) or a darker cream very similar to the colour of our tiles BUT it was much more expensive. SO we settled on a lighter cream and I am VERY happy with the end result!!!

Here is a closer view of the limestone.
Then Sunday Ryan set out to grout the rest of the tiles. I love his look of concentration!!!!
It looks great!!!! Now its just drywall and plumbing!! The plumbing was attempted today until we realized we are missing a bunch of things so we have to wait till we can go pick them up.
However, we did pick up a lovely little vanity at Home Depot today! We had originally planned on using the pedestal sink that Ryan's mom had given us for free from their bathroom reno. But we weren't in love with the sink and had planned on replacing it eventually. I had also discussed converting Ryan's moms old desk into a vanity, but after looking into it it would have cost us more than the total cost of the tiles to convert it over. And for a basement bathroom I wasn't willing to spend that much. Then yesterday at Home Depot Ryan saw this lovely little vanity.

It is the perfect size! We don't have a tonne of room so we didn't want anything too wide or deep. And it is black which is perfect because the mirror we have for the wall is black as well! The best part about it is that it was originally $129.99 dropped to $99.99 and on top of that Home Depot has 15% off their bath products right now putting it down to just $85 (before taxes)!!!! We couldn't resist! Plus with returning 4 boxes of tiles we had store credit so it was well worth it!! Now we just need to get a faucet. We looked at the ones in the store but they were either too expensive or out of stock! So I'll be on the hunt for a new faucet!!! I'm VERY happy with this little purchase!!!!

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