Friday, May 6, 2011

Handmade Cuff Links BY ME!!!

When Norah was first born I wanted to get Ryan something to thank him for being so completely awesome. He not only was working full time but with me on bed rest and not being able to get up to do anything he was taking care of me and getting up at night to change Norah's diapers and hand her to me because I couldn't even sit up. I knew I wanted to get him some customized photo cuff links. I hunted and hunted for ones that I liked and that were reasonably priced. I finally came on this one pair that were only $25 so I sent a photo of Norah and 2 weeks later these came in the mail.

Now I LOVED them and Ryan loved them even more!!! I looked at them and realized these would be SUPER easy to make. So I hunted down some materials and ordered a bunch knowing that Ryan would want more Norah cuff links as she grows and that I could probably make these as gifts or even to sell.

With that said these are my first pair of homemade cuff links! They are made out of 1 inch square glass tiles. This picture I don't have the cuff link backing on, I meant to take a picture of the finished product BUT I went to do that this morning to find that Ryan is wearing those cuff links today! This was my first trial run at them. They honestly look amazing!!!!! (ignore the shine on the one on the left it was hard to take a picture of them, they are actually identical and not as grainy as this photo makes them appear)

Ryan loved them so much he already wants more!!! If anyone is interested in customized cuff links just send me a message! I can make customized pendants as well. I promise to upload more photos of these as I make more! They are fun to make!

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