Friday, May 13, 2011

They Have Landed!

I'm going to apologize right now for this as it may turn into a ranting post!

Last weekend Ryan and I spent hours in the backyard getting it ready for spring/summer. We have VERY fertile soil which equals MILLIONS of weeds that we fight all summer long! So we spent a good chunk of Saturday deweeding and tilling soil and getting rid of yet another garden we had in the backyard (I forgot to take before and after pictures sorry). The majority of the time was spent getting rid of the dandelions that have taken over our yard. We filled about a yard waste bag with dandelions and were sooooo happy about it. We honestly thought we had gotten rid of them!

THEN 2 days later I looked out the window to find THIS!!!!

DO YOU SEE ALL THOSE YELLOW DOTS!!!!!! Those are unwelcome dandelions! There are THOUSANDS OF THEM!!!! Apparently Ryan and I DIDN'T do a very good job!!!!! The worst part is that since I took this photo they have quadrupled!!! SO MANY!!! We will have to find some time to go dig these up before they spread more seeds and we have even MORE next year!

The only thing that made me a little happier is that our perennials that we planted last year have come up and look fantastic!!! We planted them last year but they looked very pathetic last year... they didn't do so well. But so far they look GREAT this year! Isn't this super pretty!!! The purple flowers make me smile when I go outside!

See how nicely they are all coming up! Don't ask me what we planted... I couldn't tell you! I just bought what I thought looked pretty!!! haahaa can you tell I'm NOT a green thumb person!

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