Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little Math and HUGE savings

So the other day Ryan and I were at Shoppers and he asked me why we don't use formula. My answer was "because the boob is free!" Now I have never looked into formula because I knew that if I didn't have to use it I didn't want to. I looked at the price and was shocked to find that a 640g can was on 'sale' for $26.95. Now I'm sure you can get it a lot cheaper elsewhere but I just did some quick math in my head (I haven't gone completely baby brained yet!). Basically the can said for every 2 oz of water add one scoop (8.7g) and at an average of about 30 ounces a day that works out to 130g. SO a 640g can would only last 5 days if you are lucky. SO in a month (assuming you can get it for $25 a can... just to make easy math) we are talking about $150 in just formula!!!! SO Norah is now 4 months (as of yesterday) and we would have forked out $600 in formula in those 4 months.... If you have the option to breastfeed why wouldn't you.... I'm not judging those who choose not to. Its a choice and I understand that it isn't for everyone but for me I love it! Its me and Norah's special bonding time. My sister in law sent me an article awhile back with a great quote (mind you I can't find it now so I'm paraphrasing). It basically said that in the busy world that we live in today breastfeeding is the much needed break you need from the crazy madness. Don't think of it as a chore, think of it as your little break from reality where you can just sit with your child and hold them and think of absolutely nothing. That idea really worked for me. I used to try to rush Norah through feedings because the laundry needed to be done or the cooking done etc. Then I realized it was the time I needed to read a book. So for Mothers Day Ryan and Norah got me my Kobo Ereader so I could sit and read while Norah ate. I have flown through 8 books since then!!! I LOVE it, now I can't wait till she is hungry again because its the only time I get to read and relax!!!!

NOW back onto the savings topic. As you know we use cloth diapers and I still LOVE them to death!!! We had her in disposables a little while back as we went on a road trip for a wedding and I hated the disposables the entire time we were away! I forgot how much they smell... cloth diapers keep smells in better. Not that I leave her in her diapers for long periods of time but when you are in a car and all you can smell is pee ewwwww!!!!! Anyway, assuming disposables cost 30 cents each and that we would use 8 diapers a day and that there are 120 days in 4 months we would have spent $288 on disposables so far. SO between diapers and formula we have saved ourselves a nice $888. Since we spent $460 on the cloth diapers we still have savings of around $428.... NOT TOO BAD!!

PLUS I made Norah another dress!! How cute is this one!! The material was a whooping $3/metre so I picked up a metre... now I can make her at least another 2 dresses or some skirts with this material. SO for $3 I get about 3-4 outfits for her!!

While I was making it yesterday this is what Norah was doing.... so cute!

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