Saturday, July 23, 2011

Perpetual Pile of Crap BE GONE!

This is slightly embarrassing... SO when we took possession of our house 3.5 years ago it was winter and we just dumped all the construction debree in our driveway. When it thawed out we eventually disposed of it... BUT with all the work we have done on the house that pile of garbage would ALWAYS come back. We would go at most 3 months with a clean driveway before we had more crap piled up in it!!! (me hanging my head in shame...)

This was the first pile of garbage....

After this pile of garbage came the garbage from tearing down the living room/spare bedroom walls. Then it was old shelving from the basement and old carpeting from the basement. Then it was eventually concrete and dirt from the basement bathroom which we cleaned up. BUT then we had to knock out more concrete for the new plumbing... and sadly this pile has been sitting there for over a year!! (once again head hung in shame...)

That was NOT a pretty site!!! I was embarrassed every time we had people over because we are THAT house on the street... you know the one that you hate to look at because it has a pile of crap in the driveway!

WELL!!! Ryan finally managed to borrow a dump truck and on a 40 degree day him and Dave loaded up the truck and FINALLY got rid of it all!!!!!!

This is the cleanest the driveway has EVER been!!!!

We have vowed there will be NO MORE crap thrown in the driveway EVER again!!!!! Plus now we can fit 4 cars in the driveway!!! Impressive!!

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