Friday, November 11, 2011

Priceless Art

Yesterday I decided Norah and I needed to have some fun.  I've been busy packing and she has been doing a lot of playing on her own while I pack boxes. I decided we'd have fun together.  The previous day I had made a trip to Michael's to pick something up and they had a sale on canvases.  I picked up sixteen 8by 10 canvases. The deal was buy one package of 2 canvases and get the second for a penny.  This resulted in getting 4 canvases for $6 total!! NICE!!!  I also picked up some water based non-toxic paint so Norah could join in on the fun. 

SO I taped plastic to the floor and put Norah in a sleeper that I didn't mind getting paint all over it.  I also popped in her soother to prevent her from hopefully eating all of the paint....honestly it worked great! No paint in the mouth!!

 At first she didn't know what to do. So I put her hands in the paint and she went away and smooshed (yes that is a technical terms for what she did) it all around the canvas.

 I had to keep her interested so I changed up the colours and helped her actually get the paint on the canvas instead of all over the plastic on the floor.  But she had a blast! She liked the goopy feeling of the paint between her fingers.
And after about 10 minutes of painting she decided she was finished and I cleaned her and everything up. This is what we were left with. Now they cost a total of $3 but I love them so much I find them priceless. These will be hung proudly in our new house!!

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