Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have been absent lately... I honestly feel like I'm lost in limbo.  We have 16 days till we get the new house and I have been packing and attempting to plan things for Christmas... while packing. And making Christmas gifts, amidst the packing. And trying to pack things up properly so I can get the stuff I need out easily once we move and packing and packing and packing.... Do you see a trend here... argh! I HATE PACKING!!!!  Plus all those boxes of stuff have to go somewhere and they are currently taking over my kitchen and the living room is full of toys because its too small and I'm going insane because everywhere I go in this tiny house there is STUFF!!  Ryan looked at me the other day and said "I hate our current house... I never had a problem with it until we bought the new house... can't we just move already!" That is EXACTLY how I feel!!! SOOOOOO to get away from my hatred of packing I have been dreaming up projects for the new house!!!!

First off the new house does not have a front hall closet. It has a nice front hall but the previous owners used a wardrobe that her dad had made for them. It was GORGEOUS... alas they are taking it with them. So we need a solution for coats/boots etc.  Instantly Ryan and I both got excited because we had seen the perfect solution 2 summers ago made from an old door. Hence this post way back when about storage benches.

We want to make something similar to these below.  I definitely want storage cupboards at the bottom for shoes and I would also like to build a shelf at the top (above the coats) for hats and mittens. 

 This idea doesn't use the doors BUT I like the shelves at the top and the drawers at the bottom so I would like to combine this picture below with the ideas above.

We are very excited for another project!!!!

Plus we have decided to get rid of our bed frame and are going to make ourselves a headboard!!! The colour theme for our new bedroom is blue, brown and cream/white.  The walls are already blue and our duvet is dark brown so we're going to bring in a creamy white with the blue and brown in a headboard.  We want to do something like this but with larger squares. 

We have those projects to look forward to (and many more) with the new house! Now we just have to wait 16 days... argh!

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