Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Art

I was cleaning up my craft bin (which is a chaotically organized Tupperware) and found a TONNE of paint chips from the old house when I was trying to figure out what colours I wanted to paint.  Instead of throwing them out I decided to make an abstract picture for our living room.  I still plan on painting the frame white and hanging it on the wall somewhere but this is what Ryan and I had fun doing while Norah napped on the weekend.

We used blue and purple paint chips, my handy paper punch (which I bought a few years ago for another project) and some double sided tape and about a half hour later we were done.  We both LOVE IT! 

Here it is sitting on our mantel...yes I am aware our mantel is a disaster... I keep moving things around to get them out of Norah's reach and forgetting to move them out. This is one of the MANY things I need to reorganize soon.  BUT I love the colours in our free art.
We did also make a butterfly for Norah's room but I have to fix it a bit before I can show it... its a little lop-sided. 

I was thinking of making a really cool mural in the spare room above the bed using paint chips but we'll see... I have to think about it more.  I just love that this is free and best yet its EASY!!!

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