Sunday, March 11, 2012

What to do on a beautiful Sunday morning??

While the rest of the world is relaxing with a coffee on a Sunday morning... I'm priming a chair!!!! And couldn't be happier!!!
It is gorgeous outside today!!!! While North was napping I took advantage of the beautiful morning and pulled the chair out of our bedroom, threw it on the back deck, turned my music up loud and sanded and primed her. This was what she looked like before.

I must admit this chair was MUCH easier to sand then I was expecting!! The stain came off VERY easily and in about a half hour it was sanded down.  Then out came the primer and that only took about 45 minutes.  Much less time than I was expecting! Its amazing how much a coat of primer changes a chair!!!
The details in the chair were a little finicky to get the paint in so I decided to use a sponge brush which easily got into all of those grooves

As you can tell I didn't care if I got paint on the material as I will be covering it with new material. I tried not to get too much or it would be crusty under the new material.
The front legs were the hardest as they had grooves and more grooves and even more deeper grooves.  But I managed to get it everywhere.  Now I just have to let it dry and then do a second coat of primer before painting it. 

Oh this project put a BIG smile on my face today. I've been in a funk lately and I couldn't explain it... I realized I haven't had time for ME lately and doing projects like this make me happy and give me my ME time. Some people may think I'm crazy for using my precious ME time to do a project like this but this is what I love to do.  I can relax when Norah goes to bed, but during the day when she's napping I like to get things done. (and I'm not talking chores... I'm talking doing things that I WANT to do!).

I'm so excited for this chair!!!!  Hopefully I can get the second coat of primer on this afternoon then paint it next weekend... fingers crossed!!!!

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