Monday, July 30, 2012

Bedroom Update

Last week I wrote a post about the handles we painted. (see it here) Well I had time yesterday to install them all and clean up the bedroom a bit.  (the bedroom was a disaster!!!!) Just to recap we made our own headboard (here) out of wallpaper and trim. I still love it soooo much!! Isn't it pretty!!

I have been meaning to post these photos forever!!  Remember WAY back in this post when I showed a preview of the nightstands my dad was making us!! WELL they turned out better than even! The best part is that I found handles for them that are solid metal knobs for 62 CENTS EACH!!!!  I was so excited!  I ended up buying all of them (about 20) because they were just so awesome!!  The nightstands were made to closely resemble the oak dressers we inherited from Ryans mom. You can see the low dresser on the right of the photo below. Didn't my dad do an amazing job of matching the nightstands exactly!!!

Here is a closer look at the nightstand my dad made!!  Just another note, I picked up our bedside lamps at Bouclair for $15 each!!

And here is the low dresser with the new updated handles!! Don't the black handles look sooo much better!! I had also replaced the top 3 drawer handles with the 62 cents awesome knobs.  I forgot to take pictures but the handles up there were large hexagon brass ugly handles!! Just trust me they were hideous!

And a view of that side of the room.  The pictures (here) are temporarily hanging there that is why they aren't centered.  I am currently covered in paint working on a mirror project for that wall that is going to look amazing!! You can see my awesome chair that I am so proud of! (more on that project here)

The other side of the room with the tall dresser.  I think we have one of the drawers in the tall dresser that should be in the short dresser... can you see how the handles are off near the bottom. I will have to see about fixing that, I just noticed it while writing this post!  Anyway. You can also see my jewelry holder (see here). I want to hang it on the wall but haven't had a chance yet.

Finally here is my nightstand just to show there are two nightstands.

I am so happy with how the bedroom is!!  Now that it is much more organized I am moving onto other rooms in the house to update!!  I am currently painting about 4 different projects and have paint EVERYWHERE!!! Stay tuned!

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