Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sorry for being MIA for the last few weeks.  I honestly had a CRISIS of a situation on hand.... my daycare lady had to go in for emergency heart surgery which left us without daycare.  Don't worry our daycare lady is doing great but won't be back for some time so we spent 2 weeks running Norah here there and everywhere! Thanks to all who helped us out during the day to watch her!!!  Anyway needless to say we have been taking a break from projects and just relaxing on the weekends and playing with Norah.  BUT I have had a HUGE itch this week to accomplish something... anything.... I don't care what but I want to get my hands dirty this weekend!!!!

SO since I haven't made a recent TO DO LIST... I thought now was the perfect chance to put it out there and hopefully motivate me to get my butt in gear!!!  This list is a LONG term list... not something I plan on doing asap!

Small Projects
* Paint Magazine Rack that I picked up at our cottage shed sale for $3
* Paint spice rack - picked it up at the cottage shed sale for $1 - I plan on making an awesome Jewelry cupboard for myself!!
* Finish making jewelry frames
* Make Ryan more cufflinks!!!
* Sew Norah curtains for her room
* Finish sewing the outdoor pillows (my mom sewed 3 for us YEAH THANKS MOM)
* Paint or cover with fabric the kitchen bulletin board
* Put cork board inside spice cabinet for recipes
* Spray paint current dresser hardware black
* Paint/install old church pew shelves for book shelves for Norah
* Make chalk cloth place mats and possibly a table runner

Larger Projects
* Paint dining room chairs white (still have to convince Ryan that this is a good idea!!!)
* Paint credenza in the living room
* Build shelves above our current built-ins in the living room.  There is wasted space above our current built ins that we'd love to take advantage of and build the book shelves right to the ceiling
* Redo the curtains in the living room with Peacock Fabric!! SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE!
* Paint/Decoupage small desk for Norah. It will be her 'art/drawing' desk
* Finish Norah's Pea Gravel pit
* Restain dining room table
* Organize laundry room
* Overhaul basement - New flooring, new ceiling, etc.
* Create proper storage in basement 'storage' room - ie. shelves
* Fix garden shed - ie. floor has a hole in it and it needs a paint job

For now thats all I can think of.... I would LOVE to finish a few of the smaller projects this weekend... we shall see though!!! 

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