Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This post is going to be a smorgousborg (yes thats a word) of stuff so be prepared to be tossed and turned all over the place!!!  ITS A LONG WEEKEND!!! WOOO to the HOOO!!! I am in desperate need of a long weekend... this week has been EXHAUSTING!!! 

Since it is fall I decided to Fallify (once again a word) my house!!  Now in the old house I NEVER decorated the house based on the season except at Christmas and then it was a half assed attempt at 'decorating'.  Now with the new house and actually having space and a fireplace mantal I have decided to decorate the BISNAAAAAS (once again... well maybe that isn't actually a word... ) out of it!!  So not having much in the way of fall colours I ran to my favourite place in the world... DOLLARAMA!  Yes people I love the store to death! SO many things you can get for under $2!!  I picked up some fun fall branches and some other fun things for around the house.  I also picked up some small gourds that I had planned on spray painting but decided I loved the orange and yellows that they naturally were!  Here is my mantle (I have since added more gourds on the left of this but you get the gist)

I would also like to disclose the reason the books on the right side of the photo above are all over the place.... I came home one day to find ALL of our photo albums on the floor and the shelf on the floor too.  Apparently those shelves are only held in with the cheap crappy plastic tabs!!  SO when I loaded the shelf up with photo albums eventually the tabs gave way... we just haven't had a chance to get wood or metal tabs to hold the shelf up.

I picked up 3 of these bunches of branches at Dollarama, they are made out of wire and beads.  I originally had them shoved in the back of one of my plants on the mantle but found this awesome small orange vase that I have no idea where it came from. It was probably from some flowers we received at some point.  I had forgotten about it because it was so small it was hard to fit anything in but it was perfect for this!

Next up this lovely display was actually a gift last Christmas that has been sitting hidden on the mantle in the far corner since... Christmas! I pulled it out and spruced it up a bit!  Can you see the cute card in the background?  Thats Norahs bday card to me... its brown and orange... perfect colours!!!

That was it for the living room. But talking about fall... when I was painting our chairs I noticed this in our backyard!!  The mums that were planted in the planters on our back desk when we got the house have decided to bloom!!!! I'm hoping they will be in full bloom this weekend for Thanksgiving!!!

Speaking of Thanksgiving and fall! I made Apple Butter last weekend!!!!  I have no idea why I hadn't done it before... its SUPER EASY!!!!

You just peel/chop 10 lbs of apples and throw them in a slow cooker. You add a mixture of 3 cups of sugar, some cinnamon and ground gloves to the apples and stir it all together. THEN you leave it on low for 12 hours... I stirred mine periodically but pretty much just left it!!  I woke up in the morning to this (well I jarred them... but you get the point)

 mmmm Apple Butter!!!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!

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