Monday, October 15, 2012

Norah's Quiet Book

This year I am ahead of the game for Christmas... OH MY GOODNESS I SAID IT!  Yes Christmas is fast approaching and normally at this point I wouldn't even have a list of gift to make/buy yet. However, I'm turning a new chapter called "Prepare Now and PAY LESS".  I'm doing Christmas on a budget this year... not for any particular reason but I realized Norah doesn't need a million toys that she will never play with just for the pure fact of giving her something at Christmas.  Instead we're making her some gifts and making gifts for friends and family (sorry guys you'll just have to wait till Christmas to find out what we're making you).  Moving onto one of Norah's Christmas gifts this year.  I'm sure everyone has seen the Felt Quiet Books all over Pinterest lately.  I love them and everytime I saw them I was like THATS AWESOME... but a lot of work. Well I decided I would tackle that project and I must say I'm having a BLAST!!!!!  I found a BUNCH of templates online and last night I started cutting out pieces.

First up I found this awesome dress up doll template over at the template I used is here. I grabbed my felt and started cutting. This is what I ended up with! I still have to attach them to a page but its a good start!

Next up I wanted a Mr. Potato Head page.... I looked at a few templates online and didn't like them too much so decided to make my own... maybe I should have stuck to a template.... Oh well I like it! He still needs more options. I decided to make it a Mr instead of a Mrs. since I already had a dress up doll.

Next up I found this amazing template over at Serving Pink Lemonade They actually have a bunch of templates there... I may end up using more from that blog we shall see.  This page has removable flower petals with the numbers on them to teach kids the proper order of the numbers.  I used yellow puffy paint to paint the numbers on.

Thats all I have so far but tonight is another night of cutting!!! I think my next page is going to be animal oriented... I also want to make an alphabet page... stay tuned!

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