Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't Judge a Book By its Cover!

In our case, don't judge our house by the front door!!! When we moved in they had this hideous lock and door knob on the door. That was one of the first things to go, not so much because it was ugly. BUT because its always good to change your locks when you buy a new house because you never know who still has a key from the old owners! So we bought new knobs and locks for the door. When we took the old knob off we found that they had painted around the big rectangular knob/lock combo and it was tan underneath. Well with everything going on inside the house a new paint job was put on the back burner. THEN at Christmas time this year I found these awesome snowmen stickers that advertised how they were 'REUSEABLE' and how they could be used on windows and doors and taken off easily. Seeing as they were only 75 cents for like 8 snowmen I went for it. I even kept the backing so when I took the stickers off after Christmas I could reuse them the next year. WELL CANADIAN TIRE LIED TO ME!!!! They are NOT reuseable! In fact they were the hardest things in the world to get off the door and left my door looking like this!( Can you find the reminents of the tree sticker??)

Needless to say it was about time to paint the front door!! SO on the weekend I pulled out my trusty sand paper and got down to work. It was hard work sanding down the door but an hour later I had not only sanded it down but gotten all of the reminents of the stickers off the door as well as cleaned the door top to bottom. Then it was painting time! Since Ryan bought too much railing paint I pulled out the can (it was made for outdoor doors and railings so I was able to reuse it). I put down plastic so as not to drip all over everything (I'm a VERY messy painter!!). I also used some left over red tape to tape off the doorknob/lock and window so as to not get brown paint on it. And away I went! This is my door now! A little bit lighter but it looks SO much better!!! (the red tape still has to be removed, it was very wet still). I left the door open (luckily it was a nice day) all day so it could dry and so it didn't stink like paint in the house!

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