Thursday, April 29, 2010

Elephants Never Forget

After starring at my bedroom wall decal for a few days I still felt the wall was too blah... don't get me wrong I LOVE my new decal... but its a very big wall and the view from the bed left a lot of empty wall space! So after some thought and some bantering back and forth between Ryan and I we found a saying we thought was very appropriate for us. Just to paint a picture, we have a rule that we kiss each other goodnight. Yes thats right it is a rule.... if one of us forgets they wake the other up just for that kiss. Its kind of a funny joke now between the two of us. Anyway, now with our new decal we will never forget!!! (You know that Elephants Never Forget!)
I know it looks crooked in the picture... it really isn't THAT crooked.. I had to do each letter individually which was a little bit tricky but I love the end result!!!

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