Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to Paint an Old Metal Railing

The railing at the front of our house has been in desperate need of a good paint job since we bought the house. But time is always the issue... SO when we had nothing else to do on Easter Sunday I decided it was time to give it a face lift. This is how it looked before, you can see the paint chipping and the rust and ohhh its ugly!

See what I mean, ugly!!! I pulled out a scraper and some sand paper and got to work. It took me about an hour to chip off all of the old paint and sand down everything so it was smooth. You have to sand it all down so the new paint will stick to it and won't peel or chip easily. Getting into the corners was a pain but I managed. Ryan had bought a large can of CIL outdoor paint that was specifically for metal railings. (I would like to point out that a small can is MORE than enough paint for a railing.... Ryan had to go big though... I guess I will be painting EVERYTHING brown now... haahaa). SO after sanding everything down I put an old sheet and towels down so the paint wouldn't get on the stone. And away I painted. Make sure to get all of the drips because you don't want a big dried paint blob. It took a little while but the result looks fantastic!!! Here is the result!

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