Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Basement Regression

I am going to try my hardest to not cry my way through this entire post!!  I mentioned in my last post my basement had slightly regressed...  Well I THINK I'm ready to talk about it... be prepared... its UGLY!!!!

When I left off on our basement progress we had turned our basement rec room from an ugly carpeted mess into this beautiful newly floored and ceiled space!! Before and Afters below

Wasn't she pretty!!!!!!

WELL this is where I start to cry... literally... this pregnant lady was a big ball of crying mess!! A few days after finishing the floor when we were installing the crown moulding in the basement a few things happened.  First off the newly laid floor came unclicked together in about 6-7 different spots!!  ARGH!!  We realized that installing the laminate on top of carpet underpad was a big NO NO!  It was too soft and spongy.  No big deal... we figured we'd just take the the flooring super carefully (keeping all the pieces in the right order), take up the carpet under pad, install the new under pad and then reinstall the flooring. Annoying yes but not a huge deal. So during Norah's nap I went down there and took up all the new flooring.  Ripped up the underpad and I believe the words that came out of my mouth were something of AH @#$*&@%#(*"&)!&*!&$%@#*"&!

Under the old underpad were super old cracking vinyl tiles.. We knew the tiles were under there. However when you stepped on some of them (ones right in the middle of the floor) the entire floor moved about a half inch.  BIG PROBLEM!! We knew if we installed the new floor on top of it it would just keep coming unclicked!!  ARGH!!  Next problem... the old vinyl tiles were 9 inch tiles... and since our house was built in the 40's there was a REALLY good chance that they were asbestos tiles!! MORE ARGHs and !#$(&)&#%*&!#$&(@#*$!!  So we did nothing... we stressed about what to do! Finally this week a friend came by and ultimately solved our problem.  We had the entire floor ripped up!!  When they ripped it all up they found the subfloor was all rotten from old water damage! There was black mould down there and just nasty grossness! (thats my technical term for it) I don't have any pictures of the grossness as I was at work (thankfully because apparently it smelt awful!!!)  I came home yesterday to find my basement looking like this!

They got rid of all the nasty floor and laid a brand new concrete floor for us!!!  By 6pm last night this is what my basement looked like!!

So yes we moved backwards... BUT all the mould and asbestos are gone!!!!!  It cost us around $500 to do because we pulled in a few favours.  Gotta love friends!!!!  Next up we need to reinstall our floors and baseboards! Thats for another day!!!!

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