Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Up Up in The Sky Nursery Part 2

The nursery is progressing and I couldn't be happier!!!!  Its turning out better than I imagined!!!  This is very exciting for me because last week we had another AHHH WHAT THE @#($*@#(%&!(@!#! moment when our furnace crapped out on us!! We have been without heat for a week now... argh!  Luckily it hasn't been TOO cold so space heaters are enough to keep us warm but it sucks!  The new furnace comes this week sometime.   Anyway, back to the nursery!!

In my last post I had already showed the painted rainbow above the crib (see plans and rainbow here).  I was so excited to start the hot air balloons that the next day I ran out to Dollarama to get chinese lanterns.  Of course I could only find them in green... but that didn't stop me! Using craft paint I painted white on all of them and then decided to paint one blue and one a yellowy green.  The original plan was to paint one pink if it was a girl (which I am happy to announce it is!) however after seeing the look of the greens and blue I decided I love it just the way it is!!!  I also bought little woven brown baskets from Dollarama and using ribbon and a TONNE of hot glue I glued these babies together! Then to hang them I used dental floss and screwed them right into the ceiling.  I LOVE THEM. We decided to hang them over the rocking chair because I don't want them falling into the crib (always being super cautious!!!). Falling on my head is ok... but on baby it is not!!

As you can see we also installed crown moulding in this room (as well as all the bedrooms).  We came across the crown moulding on a random outting to Rona. It was $4.76 for an 8 foot section! AMAZING deal... thats like 50% off! Plus we got 15% back in gift cards.  So for $121 we had more than enough moulding for all 4 bedrooms upstairs.  We still have to caulk and spackle the gaps but we'll get to that! Here is the one side of the nursery complete! I am in love with it!

Next up I found some super awesome prints on an Etsy shop Lily Cole Designs and immediately fell in love!! The issue was that the 4 white frames I had in the room were only 5 by 5's. So I messaged the shop and asked if it was possible to get them in that size.  To my luck they had no problem with it and quickly adjusted them. I haven't received the prints yet but I printed off the crap quality photo sample of them and put them in the frames just for reference.

I did splurge on the prints... but at this point I had spent about $3 on the hot air balloons and about $25 on crown moulding for the room. So forking over $40 for the prints I was ok with since I knew I didn't need to buy much else for the room!

I randomly decided this weekend to throw together a rain cloud mobile using felt scraps for baby.  I have a tonne of scraps left over from the Quietbook I made Norah (which she still LOVES). So I cut out little rain clouds in pink, white and black (always need a little black rain cloud!). I then sewed them by hand with white thread and stuffed them with random small bits of left over felt that was too small to do anything with.  Then using bright colours I cut out little rain drops. Using white thread I attached all of the rain drops to the clouds and attached the rain clouds to a small dowel I had lying around.  Then I used yellow ribbon to hang the mobile.  I haven't hung it yet but I think this is going to hang over the change table... not entirely sure yet!  I will update you soon!

We are currently working on cloud shaped shelves for over the change table... should have that completed this week! The room is almost done!!! 

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