Monday, April 8, 2013

Up Up in The Sky Nursery

To start this post off yes I am pregant with baby #2 who is due September 2013.  With that said I have been planning out the new nursery now that Norah is 100% moved into her new room and loving it! To recap, this was previously Norah's room but we have moved her to her new butterfly room (see photos of new room here).

When we moved in I added a few butterflies here and there but really didn't do much to it.

Now that Norah is out of that room it is honestly a big storage pile of stuff since our basement is under renos... I don't even want to talk about the basement today because I'm frustrated! We had to rip up the BRAND NEW flooring... ARGH another post for another day!!

Anyway, I had been thinking about what kind of room I wanted.  Since the walls are already nicely painted I decided to keep them blue and go with a sky theme. At this point we don't know if it is a boy or a girl so I'm in the beginning phases of the nursery.  Here is some of my inspiration and what I plan to do with the room!

First off, I want shelves over the change table.  I always wanted to put shelves over it to store diapers etc but never got around to it!  I love these cloud shelves which would be super easy to make!!

I want to incorporate lots of clouds all around the room, and came across this idea from Pinterest (here) I think the saying is super cute and may add it to the walls. But I love the hot air balloons!  I debated making puffy clouds out of felt and realized the dust would be gross to clean up so I'm opting to sponge paint clouds to the walls!

As for balloons I found this tutorial over at Hey Bernice and thought it was adorable!!  I ran to Dollarama on my lunch and picked up 3 green lanterns and little brown baskets to make these!  Unfortunately they only had green lanterns but I plan to add fun material to them anyway!  I may add some pink if we have a girl but I haven't decided yet... for now my colour theme is RAINBOW!

Every sky needs a rainbow!!!  I saw this one over here.  And loved it!!!

So on the weekend when I was super frustrated about the basement I decided to work on something that would make me happy, the rainbow!!  I looked through my paints and discovered I didn't have any red or orange paint.  Bummed out again I kept looking at what I did have. Thats when I remembered all of the glass/ceramic stain that I had bought. Guess what?  The pack I bought had Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple!!!!  I figured if it looked awful I could always paint over it! I thought it would be perfect because I wanted my rainbow to fade into the room not over take the entire room!  I still wanted the blue walls to come through.  So I quickly drew (with pencil) my rainbow and using a sponge brush I started to paint it. I loved the result!  It took me about 20 minutes to do this and cost me nothing because I had everything I needed.

This picture is blurry but is a good shot of the room.

 The chandelier is more than likely moving into Norah's room we just haven't gotten around to doing it, however I may leave it there if its a girl... Now the plan is to sponge clouds under the rainbow and sporadically around the room.  I want to hang the hot air balloons either above the change table or above the rocking chair.  As for a mobile, I have a cute felt rain cloud with colourful rain drops idea in my head.  I may even add the odd flying bird into the room as well.  That is the plan for now! 

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