Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Basement Bathroom Installation - Part 1

When we bought our house in the basement there was a 'roughed in' bathroom. Ie. there was a drain where the toilet should be and where the sink should be... thats it. It was concrete floors and no framing at all. We started about 2 year ago by framing in the bathroom so we could drywall etc. BUT there were 8000 other projects more important than a second bathroom so it was put on hold until we could decide what we wanted to do with the bathroom.

The plan is to put a shower in there as we will need a place to get clean when it comes time to renovate the main bathroom upstairs. With that said we realized the ceiling height was barely 6 feet as it is at the back of the basement and you have to step up to get to it. The muddy muddy mess began!! On a fairly nice day last month (February) Ryan and 2 friends borrowed a jack hammer and dug up the concrete and dirt to make the bathroom deeper. I left for the day as I didn't even want to think of the mess that would be made. I came home a few hours later to a dust filled house, VERY muddy back step, a driveway FULL of dirt/concrete, 3 tired guys and a BIG hole in my basement. The highest ceiling in the house is now officially in our basement bathroom! They dug down about 2 feet!

Feeling all excited we had our plumber friends in to give us an estimate on rerouting the current plumbing to where we want it. Much to our dismay we found out that more digging was needed.... this time in front of our dryer in the back of the basement in order to find the water main so they can connect the new plumbing to it. MORE DELAYS... we didn't have time to dig up more concrete that weekend.

This past weekend my brother and Ryan got dirty again and started the digging in front of the dryer. I now have a 2 feet deep trench in front of my dryer which is a real pain when doing laundry. Not to mention that during the first digging the boys nicked the laundry drain pipe so now whenever I do laundry we have a BIG MUDDY WET mess in the 'new bathroom to be' room.. VERY annoying!!! On top of it all it was POURING rain all weekend and that didn't help with the muddy mess!!

SO now that we have everything ready we just have to get the plumbers out again to look at it and see what we can do. After that we will able to lay concrete AND our radiant flooring!!! OHH I'm so excited to have heated floors down there!!!! Its COLD in our basement due to little to no insulation so having heated floors is going to be fabulous!!!!!

Here is a picture of the bathroom so far... its a hole... literally. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to progress on this project!

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