Saturday, March 13, 2010


Ryan and I woke up VERY early this morning to work on our bedroom! We had already bought the closets but we still had to go to Home Depot and pick up lights and a bunch of stuff for other projects. So off to Home Depot we went. The lights I posted earlier that I said we were going to use... well apparently it isn't a lamp shade and is a cheap piece of plastic shade. We ended up spending about a half hour in the lamp aisle and found something that has worked out perfectly.

They were a little more expensive than we wanted but we LOVE the touch feature to turn them on. They are also plug in light so we didn't need to hard wire them in.

The reno started with building the shelves for the closet which was easy enough. Then there was lots of measuring and of course there was no stud in the wall where we needed it. SO we improvised and attached wood to the wall so the clothes racks rest on the wood piece and won't tear a huge hole in the drywall! It was finicky but well worth it. We did have a problem with hanging of the curtain rods for the doors of the closet but we brainstormed and our friend Dave came up with a good idea. And you can't even tell how they are hung so it isn't a big deal.
Anyway here is the before picture of our cramped bedroom!!!

Here is the closet installed

And the wonderful after!!!! The picture is a little misleading... the room actually seems double the size but because of the smallness of the room its hard to take a good photo.

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