Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm VERY excited for this weekend to start because I have a Saturday project that I'm very very excited about!!! This weekend we are giving our bedroom a MUCH needed makeover!!! Our bedroom is the only room in the house that we just painted and did nothing with. It is a 10x11 rooom with a queen size bed in it! SO there is very little room for much. We have managed to squeeze 2 dressers in there because there is a serious lack of closet space in our house. For those of you who own older homes you'll understand... basically back in the 20's when our house was built people had 5 outfits and didn't need big closets! For those of our who know us you know we have LOTS of clothes and even more shoes! SO clothes storage is key!!

The project this weekend is to build built in closets on either side of the bed and create some order in our chaotic room! I got the idea from one of my favourite blogs

We are going to do it similar but on less of a budget. I was VERY happy to find that Home Depot had exactly what I was looking for in a closet for (drum roll please) $49 each!!!!!! SO $100 poorer I walked out of home depot with a big smile on my face. This is the link to my closets, they are Akada Home organizers. Ryan was VERY pleased with my thriftiness as it leaves more money for our MAJOR ongoing basement bathroom project (more to come on that project at a later date) The plan is to install one of these on either side of the bed with the clothing rack attached directly to the wall. NOW we may have a problem if there is no stud anywhere close to where we need it to be... BUT we'll overcome that hurdle if it presents itself!

since the closests don't quite go all of the way to the ceiling we plan on installing an extra shelf at the top of extra stuff like sheets/hats etc. Then we are going to use dark brown curtains as doors to the new 'closets'. Since our quilt is brown, green and purple we are also going to attempt to accent the room in purple (when I say 'we' I mean 'I' am going to try to accent in purple.... we'll see if it lasts or not...) Ryan wants curtains above the bed as well (not just over the closet doors) SO I found some fabulous purple sheers that may just do the trick!!!

Next, lighting. The plan is to install these lights which are from Home Depot as well. They are a GREAT deal at only $29.99 per light! Yes they seem boring and white... but when I'm finished with them they won't be!!! I plan on doing a little jazzing up of them with some ribbon and beads! Stay tuned for the lamp transformation!!!

If I get lucky (and Ryan lets me) I may even have time to throw in a custom made chandelier!! OHH SO EXCITING!

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