Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Final Result

It took me awhile to take some final pictures of the completely finished room. But here they are, we added some purple sheer curtains behind the bed to bring out the purple that is in the quilt and we took the plastic off of the lamp shades! We also tacked the curtains up on the inside so they would wrap around the new built in closets! And finally we had to move the picture that hangs over the bed because when Ryan hung it about a year ago he hung it VERY crooked, so using a wall plug and a big hefty screw I hung it about 3 inches to the left of where it was!

We spent:

* The 2 built in closets = $111
* lamps = $110
* Ikea Sheer curtains = bought on store credit YEAH but were $9.99 plus tax
* Brown Curtains = left over material from a previous project(originally cost about $50)
* 2 extra long shelves for the top of the closet = $15
* 2 extra short shelves for putting clothes on = $12

For a grand whopping total of approximately $310 (if we had to buy everything) BUT since we had a few of the supplies it only cost us approximately $250!!! Now that's a thrifty makeover!!!

I have to say that this is my second favourite room in the house!!! The first being our living room... which will be posted in a 3-4 part blog coming soon as it was a LONG project to get it the way it is today!! Stay tuned for that!!!

I used the left over fabric from the purple and brown curtains to make a valence for over the window.

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