Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1 Bed, 2 Girls and 4 Posts

First off... get your mind out of the gutter!!! Today my good friend Kelita and I tackled staining a bed!!  This bed used to be Ryan and mine BUT we have decided to go a different route for the new house SO Kelita is taking the bed from us.  She wanted a dark bed SO we're staining it!!!  We managed to sand down and do the first coat of stain on the foot board and both side rails before calling it quits today.

Here is a lovely during photo of the bed. The before photo I took of the headboard isn't cooperating right now but I'll load that photo later. So this is the colour the bed was previously as Kelita wiped it down.

The side rails took us no time at all to sand down (by hand because the power sander was giving us serious grief today!).  BUT the footboard was a different story!!  All I can say was the words "friggin stupid balls" was uttered more than once today as we not only sanded them down but then had to stain them and avoid drips!!!  BUT after only 3 hours (wow it felt like a LOT longer) we had managed to finish the side rails and the foot board.  LOVE the colour!!

Now we just have to sand the headboard and do the first stain coat on it. And then do a second coat on the footboard and the side rails. BUT its coming along wonderfully!!!

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