Friday, January 13, 2012

DIY Wallpaper Headboard

I was looking for headboard ideas and came across this wonderful headboard that I loved!!!!  So I decided this was what I wanted to do in our bedroom in the new house. 

I headed off to Home Depot a few days ago and found the perfect wallpaper!! All silver and shiny I fell in love!  So today I decided to attempt step #1 and install the wallpaper. First I measured the wall and figured out what was center and how big it had to be and penciled it on the wall. Then it was time to cut the wallpaper and make sure the pattern matched.  After cutting the first piece I discovered the pattern doesn't quite match up on the roll... ARGH!!!!  Its ever so slightly off... but since I'd already cut the roll I couldn't return it so I decided to see how bad it was. Not bad at all actually... unless you look super closely you can't even tell.  So I did 3 pieces across, it took about an hour and a half and this is what I have!

 I LOVE IT!!!!  The photos don't show it but the walls are a bluish grey so the silver really pops out!

Now we just have to frame it with some white trim and it will be done!! (we also need to get a bed frame! haahaa) Soon!!


  1. I love the wallpaper that you chose Meghan! Awesome idea.

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