Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adventures (or Disasters?) in Reupholstery

I am taking on a new and exciting project. As stated in my bedroom post here I want to put a chair in the corner of our bedroom for reading.  This chair I have had sitting around collecting dust for the past 3 plus years.  I always wanted to have it reupholstered but since I never had a place for it I never did anything about it. Now that I know where it is going I want to reupholster it.  Reupholstery is PRICEY!!! So after reading a bunch of other bloggers who successfully reupholstered chairs and survived to tell their story I thought why not give it a try!  Worst case it doesn't work and I send it off to get it reupholstered by someone who knows what they are doing!  So here is the chair I plan to work with.  

 I don't think it will be too difficult... just time consuming.  The hardest part will be the pleats on the back which I actually plan on not doing after looking at the chair in details. This is what I have discovered. First the cushion on the seat and back of the chair are only being held in place with the fabric. I tried taking the old fabric off of the chair and discovered the cushion isn't in fact a cushion it is just stuffing that has been basically sewn to the chair with the current fabric. That nixed my idea of taking the old fabric off and using it as a template for the new fabric. I'm going to have to do this the hard way from scratch.  The back pleats were sewn with a machine before installing on the chair so the stuffing is sewn right onto the material making it a pain in the arse to take that material off or to actually recreate the pleats.  LUCKILY the material I got would probably look a little funny with the pleats so I am forgoing them altogether! After carefully inspection and draping the fabric on the chair this shouldn't be too difficult just as I already said time consuming. 

Since I have blabbed on about the fabric here she is!! I was originally looking for something bold for the bedroom. I had seen an awesome chair in a magazine (which I kept for a long time just for that chair because I loved the idea of it) unfortunately in the move I can't find the chair or a picture like it online. But to sum it up the chair was white with an awesome fuscia pink and white fun patterned material on it. It was really fun.  So when I went fabric shopping this week I had something like that in mind. But after scouring the store I realized that was the wrong idea because the headboard in our room is the focal point and I didn't want 2 bold statements in the room. Then I came across this beautiful fabric!
 All shiny and purple and perfect for our bedroom! It will tie in with the blues and silver wonderfully!!!!  The trim I found matches perfectly too and it will cover the staples wonderfully!! 

Here is the chair with the fabric draped over it. Now I am in a conflict of do I restain the wood trim (it has a bunch of nicks that need to be fixed) or do I paint the wood trim white?  I always have a hesitation to painting wood. I have to think about it some more. Initially I wanted to just restain it BUT after looking at the photo below with the fabric draped over it I think it would look amazing white....
Decisions decisions... I will update you on what I decide....

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