Thursday, January 19, 2012

Big Shiny and Beautiful

Today I ran to Home Depot and picked up some baseboards to use as trim for the headboard. About 5 minutes and $20 later I was home with 3 pieces of baseboard and a big smile.  Ryan happened to be home so he actually cut the baseboards (he ruined my fun!! I wanted to do it but while I wasn't looking he did it!) It took us awhile to find the nail gun... we still haven't finished unpacking everything.  And a few nails later the baseboards were in place and looking fabulous! I still have to caulk the seams and paint it but it looks fantastic!!! Its all shiny and pretty!!!!

 While upstairs finishing up the headboard we got motivated and actually put the bed on the frame and cleaned things up a bit in what up till now had been a VERY chaotic bedroom.  
 Now the bedroom is by no means anywhere close to complete but its taking shape!  I got 2 side tables that used to be my grandparents that we have put on either side of the bed. Not sure if I'll keep these here or eventually get something a little different but for now they work.

This is the far side of the bedroom.  Its looking a little sparse. We need to figure out what to put on the walls etc.  I may actually move the dresser further to the left and put a small chair in the corner for reading.  Still playing around with the idea.

 On the other side of the bedroom we have our 'his and hers' closets.  LOVE actually having a proper closet!!!! 

Sorry for the grainy photos, I had some lighting issues and was too lazy to retake all of the photos!!!

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