Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend!

This weekend was a slightly relaxing weekend where we decided to do not much on the house! Its nice to take a break every once in awhile to just chill out.  Saturday we had my parents and my one brother and sister in law over for brunch.  My sister in law is 9 months pregnant so I was calling it the 'Labour Inducing BBQ'.  I told her we would get her gardening and squatting and that baby was bound to come out.  WELL IT WORKED!!!! As of Sunday night I'M AN AUNT!!!!  I would like to introduce little Henry Joseph!!! HE IS SOOOOOOO ADORABLE!! 

 Ok I may be beaming a little bit much in this photo but ohhhhh he is the cutest!!!!!!  I'm SOOOO happy for my brother and sister in law!!!  Good work you too!! HAAHAA!
Little Henry made an appearance Sunday night, but Sunday during the day Ryan and I were temporary parents of 3 girls!! We were watching our friends kids for a few hours and had a lot of fun! We did some arts and crafts aka painting pine cones!! (always fun). We coloured. We went to the park and fed the ducks and had lots of fun!!  Norah LOVES playing with these girls.

Overall it was a great weekend!!! Now I just have to make it through the week.... I have a few projects I want to get done this week... hopefully I can post them soon.

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