Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stain or paint???

I finally got around to recovering all of our dining room chairs and I couldn't be happier!!!  I had previously mentioned that 3 of our chairs are different than the others but only slightly.  Below you can compare the 2 types of chairs, one is ever so slightly taller with a different back rest. But only when they are side by side can you actually tell. 

So this is the dining room as it stands today!
The table needs to be refinished this summer and the chairs do as well.  I'm now in the debate whether I should restain the table and paint the chairs a creamy white or just restain everything....


I love the look of white chairs with a dark table I'm just not sure if I'd LOVE it in my dining room.... I found these photos at http://www.livecreatingyourself.com/2009/09/kitchen-table-redo-dark-table-light.html and love the look. I just love the light airy feel to the white chairs!

I think creamy white chairs would look amazing and would bring out the green/blue in the chair pads but before I paint over wood I always have to think long and hard about it! What do you think??
Yes Ryan popped into this picture to say hello!

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