Sunday, April 29, 2012

Using What You've Got

It was nice and sunny yesterday... not exactly warm but sunny.  Ryan and I had been debating what to do with our front garden.  The problem with it was that it was about half a foot higher than everything else so when it rained all the dirt ran onto the front walkway and the driveway and ended up being tracked into the house. First we debated getting rid of the garden altogether... but it has really nice perennials in it that I didn't want to retransplant.  Then we thought lets frame the garden in.... but with what??  Thats when we remembered that we had a huge pile of rocks behind the big tree in our backyard. I have no idea where they came from but its was a big ugly pile that we wanted to get rid of anyway. Thats when we realized we could redo the front for FREE!!!! 

This is our front garden before.

So using Norah's wagon we brought many loads of rocks around front and started digging away the dirt a bit to set the rocks in place.  After about an hour we had managed to make it this far and were LOVING IT!

And about an hour later we had this pretty little garden!

Now I loved it but I knew I wanted mulch in the front to help keep it moist and to try to keep away some weeds if possible!  Luckily Canadian Tire had a sale on the black mulch for about $4 a bag, so we picked up 5 bags of mulch for just over $20!  And mulched the front garden!

Then our tree was looking a little bit sad...

So we put rocks around it and mulched it as well!!

It was looking MUCH BETTER!

BUT we couldn't stop there! We decided to mulch and put rock on either side of the front steps to tie it in as well!

And there we have it! Our $20 front yard makeover!  Norah was VERY helpful... she took all of the black mulch OUT of the garden one piece at a time!! :-)

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