Monday, April 30, 2012

Feeling Green

I have been missing the bright colours in our old house lately.... I miss our old bright green walls in the living room and our bright yellow kitchen. Don't get me wrong I LOVE our new house and I love the colours in the new house but its missing that POP of colour!  I have plans for the inside of the house to bring that POP into every room but I just need to find the time.  SO on the weekend I opted to bring that bright pop of colour to our front porch!!! 

We had this black Ikea planter from the last house and it has been hanging on our front porch for a few weeks.  I decided it was time for a change!!!

We found this old metal bucket in the shed when we moved in and Ryan wanted to pitch it (the bottom is just about rusted out). I thought HEY that would look GREAT on the front porch as a planter if we paint it and put plastic lining on the bottom of it. 

I hummed and haaaed about the colour I wanted and finally opted for a nice key lime Rustoleum outdoor spray paint!!!! Here is planter #1 after one coat of paint (the sun was making it difficult to get the true colour of the paint... it looks more yellow here)

And planter #2 after the first coat!

And after 2 coats of paint here they are on the front porch!! I LOVE the look of them . I love the contrast of black and green! Now I just need to fill them with pretty flowers!! 

This made me smile this morning on my way to work!  A nice bright green welcome to my day!

Next step, fill them with dirt and flowers AND get a new welcome mat that matches better!!  I like our mat for the fall/winter but it isn't bright enough for summer!


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