Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen - Final Reveal!

Before we get to the final before and after pictures I thought I would explain how I attached the P-Trap that we used as the faucet.  I had no idea how to do it and Ryan came up with a brilliant idea!!  Using the drill and the bit that you use typically to cut out a hole for a door knob (yes my technicality is out the window right now... I have NO IDEA what that this is called... sorry!!) we cut a round piece of wood the same size as the opening at the bottom of the P-Trap.  Then I sanded it down so it would fit perfectly. We glued it and screwed it into place.  Then I put glue on the inside of the P-Trap and hammered it on over top of the wood circle, and we had a 'working' faucet!!  Here is a picture of the wood circle screwed to the top of the oven.

As for the back splash, we pre-drilled holes in the back of the back splash and the back of the oven and screwed it in place. We pre-drilled the holes so we wouldn't split the wood. 

Now for the before and afters!  Here is the nightstand before its magical transformation!

And here it is after!!!

A better look at the top of it.

The sink.

The magnetic back splash

Here I put a Star Wars magnet on to show that it truly is magnetic!

The towel rack on the one side

The chalkboard on the other side

And one more finished picture!

Now lets talk price.  Here is the cost breakdown:
Nightstand - Free
Decorative Knobs - $5.65 (4 at $1.25 plus tax) - Warehouse Sale
Burners - $2.26 (2 at $2 plus tax) - Dollarama
Sink - $1.70 - Dollarama
Faucet - $3.39 - Home Depot
Dowel for oven rack - $10.17 (2 at $4.50 plus tax)
Quarter Round for Oven Window - $5.65
Screen for Front - Free (already owned)
Towel Rack - $1.41
Spray Paint (black/green) - $6.38
Magnetic Paint - Free (already owned)
Wallpaper - Free (already owned)
Decoupage - $5.65
Back splash Wood - Free (already owned)
Chalk Cloth - Free (already owned)

That makes a total of $42.62... Not too bad!!! 

I am delivering this tonight and I hope she loves it!!  I know Norah loves it... she hasn't stopped turning the knobs over the past couple of days!!!

To see the progress of this kitchen go here, here, here and here.

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