Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen Part 2

Despite a VERY sick little girl Ryan and I made some progress on the play kitchen.  It is getting SO much closer to being finished!! When I left it last it looked like this (go here to see how we did that)

Next I primed it with two coats.  Then I pulled out left over wallpaper from our DIY headboard project.  I wet it as directed and stuck it on the front of the oven door and drawer and waited patiently (well maybe not patiently... but waited none the less).  After it dried I used Decou-page (Mod Podge works too I just had a jar of decou-page on hand) and went over the wallpaper and the edges to stick it down.  Now here is where I ran into a problem... wallpaper glue isn't meant to stick when the wallpaper is drenched with more glue! So my wallpaper started peeling off.  Next time I won't use the glue from the prepasted wallpaper.  So where it was coming up I just put some Decou-page on it and stuck it back down. No problem at all just an extra step that I hadn't planned on taking.  So far I have done about 3 top coats of the decou-page loading up the edges as I don't want it to peel off!!! 

Next I pulled out a leftover can of super pale blue high gloss paint (need to be able to wash this if it gets goo on it!!) I painted 2 coats of the paint, you can only tell its blue if you put white next to it. I didn't want to do white and I found this can of paint and knew it would be perfect!!! Then Ryan pulled out some trim that I had picked up at Home Depot and measured and cut the trim for the oven 'window'.  Using glue and a staple gun we attached it along with some mesh screen.  I'm SO pleased with the result so far!!! 

Now onto the 'fun' stuff (mind you the power tool part was LOADS of fun!!) the accessories!!  I picked up a metal bowl at Dollarama a few weeks ago which we used to measure for the sink hole.  I also got some metal trivets (hot pads) from Dollarama that work PERFECTLY for burners!! Only problem we have is figuring out how to attach them.... I have a plan and will update whether it works or not...  Next the knobs on the oven, I picked up these awesome knobs from a warehouse sale and knew they would be PERFECT for this!!  They look like these from but I'm using lime green ones, a red one and a grey/blue one.

We put 2 lime green and white polka dot knobs on the one side for the 2 burners.  And for the sink we used a red with white polka dot knob for the hot tap and a grey/blue with white polka dots for the cold tap!!!  Ryan came up with that idea and I thought it was cute so we went with it!  Then the tap itself I was having a hard time finding something for it. But then I read this over at E-Z Does It and how they had used a P-Trap for the tap for their daughters play kitchen.  I thought hmmm lets go check it out, worst case if it was too big I'd return it! Luckily it looks great!!!  So here is the top of the kitchen as it stands right now!

Now here is the list of what we have left to do.
* Make oven rack for inside the oven using wood and dowelling and paint black
* Actually install knobs (need to cut down the screw so the drawer will still open) and YES they will turn!!
* Get/make wooden round discs, paint them black and screw them in oven top of oven burners to hold trivets in place
* Using wood, glue and screws attach the p-trap tap
* Make/Install the back splash using wood
* Paint the back splash with magnetic paint (at least 4 coats)
* Paint over the back splash with a fun design - still haven't decided what I'm going to do here...
* Install towel hook on the side of the kitchen
* Glue chalk cloth (chalk board) to the other side of the kitchen
* Install push light inside oven
* Install trim on inside of oven window to cover staples

We are getting there!! The biggest tasks left are the oven rack and the back splash and those shouldn't take too long!

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