Monday, June 18, 2012

Mini Me and Cabinet

I have had this mini play kitchen cabinet sitting in my basement since February. I had planned on fixing it up for Norah's birthday and just ran out of time, then it got lost in the basement!  I finally got around to it this weekend.  First off, this little cabinet was my grandma's! SO it's OLD (sorry Grandma... you aren't old, the cabinet just is!) It has been painted MANY different colours over the years.  My mom played with this and I remember playing with it when I was little. It has a lot of history... but it was REALLY starting to show.  I had originally just planned on sanding down the edges to give it a rustic look but the paint was just too glossy and yellowed that it looked in REALLY bad shape.

I decided to sand it down and paint it with a fresh coat of paint, then sand it down to antique it a bit. That may sound contradictory but believe me the yellowed colour of the paint was bad but I really liked the worn look of it!! 

Saturday I pulled it out of the basement and while I was attempting to sand it down Norah was having too much fun helping! (Yes her shorts are WAY too big.. sorry for the diaper shots!)

 Here she is inspecting it top to bottom!

She even helped me sand it down!! Momma couldn't be prouder of the mini version of me!

After sanding it and wiping it down I pulled out Benjamin Moore super pale blue paint (No idea what the colour is... this can of paint came with the house). Here is the best picture to show you just how yellowed the old paint had become with a fresh coat of paint on the doors. I taped off the Plexiglas on the doors to protect them from the paint.

It took me about a half hour and I had painted the entire cabinet.

Then I pulled out the leftover wallpaper from our headboard project (here) and the play kitchen (here) and decoupaged it to the back of the cabinet.  Once again I can't get this photo to turn.... anyone know how to fix that??  Anyway...

That is as far as I have gotten so far. I still want to sand the edges down to antique it as well as change up the knobs and possibly decoupage the back of the inside of the cabinet.  I haven't decided yet.  But for now its looking MUCH better!!

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