Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Super Exciting Discoveries!!!!

Yesterday I came across and amazing discovery/product while browsing Pinterest.  I honestly think this product is going to change my life forever!!!!!  I found it via this pin.  Now you had better sit down while I explain what Emily over at I Create With Love did.  There is a product made by Zinsser that is a stain primer, Zinsser Cover Stain Primer Sealer.

  Ok at first I was like what does that mean and why do I care??? Then I read further.... this product is a substitute for sanding!!!! YES THAT IS CORRECT!! I no longer have to sand down my projects.. I can just paint one coat of this wonderful stuff onto my project, let it dry (apparently it dries SUPER quickly) and then paint my project!!  NO MORE SANDING!!!!  You have NO idea how much I HATE the sanding part of projects!!!  Now this will only work if you are painting your project, unfortuantely if you want to stain it you'll still have to sand your project down.  But I'm telling you this has changed my way of thinking!!!

I have been wanting to paint my dining room chairs white for awhile now but the thought of sanding them all down has put me off doing it!!!!  BUT with this wonderful product it would make it soooo easy to do!!! I HAVE to test this out!!!!  I did a little research and so far all the people I have read about who have tried this say it works wonders!!!!  Can't hurt to try it out! Can you tell I'm super excited about this discovery!! 

Check out what I Create with Love did with it... remember NO SANDING INVOLVED!

I can't WAIT to try this out on my chairs!!!

Ok onto my next discovery!  I ordered a BUNCH of products from  As previously posted I have been making jewelry displays and selling them at my online shop here. I have a BUNCH of left over sheets of glass from the picture frames I made and decided I wanted to make stained glass projects with them.  SO I ordered some amazing glass stains/paints and last night I had a chance to test them out.  So here is my little review on a few products. (No I have not been paid by anyone for this review, it is just my opinion of these products)

Here is my painted swatch of glass with 5 different types of glass/ceramic paint.  (sorry its hard to take pictures of glass!)

Starting at the top the blue is an Ultra Frost paint.  This one makes the glass slightly foggy and matter.  I think this one would be awesome as a base coat and then I would use the Glass-tique paint overtop to give it some tecture and glossiness to it.  Overall I love the colour of it!! The best part about all of the paints/stains I got is that they are air dry! You just leave them for about 7 days to cure and then its dishwasher safe etc! SO you can paint up vases and cups etc and make them your own!!

Next paint down (the green) I tried out Ultra Gloss Air Dry Enamel.  This is (as the name states) and air dry enamel which means you leave it for 7 days to cure and its scratch resistent etc.

I LOVE this one!  It is slightly more opaque than the other paints/stains tested but when you put it up to the window it looks amazing and still lets the light through!  This paint is great for stained glass or all ceramics and plastic! I may have fun and use this on our white cups at home to give them a little flair!!!

Next up is Deco Art's Glass-Tiques paint... This is AMAZING!!! I want more of this!!!  It is a paint that leaves tecture when dry!  So you can use just a brush or a sponge or paper to apply it and you are left with that tecture when it dries. 

I used a paint brush to put it on and it left this awesome brush stroke tecture when finished!  I know the photo is hard to see since it dries pretty much clear with a slightly pink tinge to it.  But this is an amazing way to give cheap vases and cups an amazing tecture and make them look a million bucks!!

Last up is a new product by Deco Art - Glass Stain.  This is what I plan on using for most of my stain glass projects.  I was experimenting and didn't smooth it out properly.  The one thing I found with this stuff is that it dries quickly!! Thats why my test patch is swirly, I was trying to fix my oops and it was starting to dry.   

 I plan on making a bunch of cool stained glass pieces and this is definitely my favourite for that purpose becaues it is the most transparent!! However, when held up to the glass after only one coat of paint the colour is very subtle.  I may change my mind and use this for staining vases and the Ultra Gloss paint for stained glass. We shall see.

Finally I picked up Liquid Rainbow. This stuff is super cool!!!  Using the black leading liquid rainbow, you outline a picture on top of a flat surface (I used a piece of plastic) and wait 1-2 hours for it to dry.

Then you use the coloured liquid rainbow paints and 'colour' (fill) in the picture.  Let it dry for 24 hours. Then you can peal it off and it becomes a gel like window decal that you can put on any glass surface. Norah LOVES this package of window gel decals that a friend gave her and this product makes it so I can make them for her!!!  Here is the butterfly I made last night! I have to wait for it to dry but tomorrow I plan on putting it on her window!! This is such a fun product for kids!!!

Now you might be asking what I plan on doing with all of these products.  WELL I would LOVE to create something like this (found via Pinterest here) on Suzys Sitcom.  She did hers using paint and glue but I LOVE the colours and design. I could EASILY do something like this with my paints.  I also have a black paint that is specifically for outlining projects!! 

 That is it for my discoveries yesterday!! It was a VERY exciting night for me! For Ryan however... he is not so excited because it means MORE CRAP all over the dining room table as my bazillion (yes its a number) projects are taking over everything!!!!!  I promise to update you on these projects when I get a chance!

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  1. Ahhh yes... skipping the joys of sanding??? Sore muscles and wrists for days? If you can get away with it thats great! But sometimes you just have to sand, especially if the furniture had a previous bad paint job!

    Love the blog. Keep it up.