Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen Plans!

This week something VERY exciting happened!!!  A friend asked me if I would convert an old nightstand she had into a play kitchen for her daughter.  I didn't even have to think twice about it! I just jumped at the opportunity!  Ryan and I have such awesome plans for this lovely nightstand!!

Its honestly the perfect nightstand turned kitchen!  It already has a drop open door for the oven!!  SO now here is the plan.  After perusing Pinterest and other websites online I think my favourite play kitchen is this one from Dwell Lovely.

I just love how cute it is!!!
The night stand is partially laminate... a high gloss laminate at that. SO instead of fighting to sand/paint the laminate sections (mainly the fronts of the doors) and risk ruining the whole thing. So here is the to do list to make it into the play kitchen.
* decoupage the laminate sections with a fun paper or wallpaper - covered in a sealant so it doesn't peel or rip off
* Sand and Paint the rest white or pale blue (undecided yet)
* Cut hole for the sink
* Cut hole in oven door (May omit this step depending on how the door is made)
* If omit above step then paint a 'window' for the oven
* Paint burners on - I bought metal trivets that look like burners that I'll attach over the dark painted circles
* Install oven knobs - I picked up some awesome bright knobs at a warehouse sale that will work PERFECTLY!
* Make a backsplash and shelf for above the oven
* Paint backsplash with magnetic paint
* Paint a fun design over magnetic paint to create a 'tiled' backsplash look
* Make a blackboard on one side of the oven
* Install towel rack on other side of the oven
* Put hooks below the shelf to hang kitchen utensils from
* Lights - If it will work I want to put a push light inside the oven and push lights under the shelf.  I may nix this one but I think it would look awesome!!
* Oven rack - I have an awesome idea for making an oven rack for inside the oven using dowelling.  Hopefully it works out!! 

Whew I'm tired just writing all of that!!  Now I have a timeline... this baby has to be done by June 13th!!!  So I'd better stop typing and get on it!!!  Wish me luck! I'll be back periodically to let you know how my progress is going!

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