Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Rundown

This weekend I have a bunch of projects I would like to tackle!!  First off, Ryan's mom left us 2 gorgeous oak dressers that we want in our bedroom but just haven't had a chance to move them into the room and move the old dressers out!  Here is one of them in the spare room.  So that switcheroo will happen this weekend and free up some room in the shed!!

Speaking of the dressers, my dad is making us nightstands to match the dressers!! YEAH!! I can't wait to have a nightstand! Right now we are using living room end tables that are WAY too big and taking up too much space!! My dad sent me these pictures this morning! I LOVE IT so far!!

On other projects, I bought this amazing peacock material and I am going to recover the roman shades in our living room.  The ones that came with the house are so well made that I have hummed and haaed about redoing them but I've hit the point where I need colour!!!! the current blinds are literally the colour of the walls and blah! I LIKE COLOUR!!! So this beauty will eventually be tackled! Just have to wait for the material to arrive!!

Next on our weekend project list is to fix our church pew.... unfortunately it isn't holding up to the weather too well!  As you can see it is splitting apart!  SO I went out and bought yet another type of sealer! This time this one is specifically for sealing wood that is by water! So lets hope it works!!!!

It is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend so I plan on putting plants in our planters outfront and back. As well as painting some more picture frames because I have an indoor picture wall gallery project in the works.  I also have an awesome plan for another canvas for the living room!!! All these projects will be posted next week hopefully!!!  Oh and I plan on finishing up the pillows for outdoors that I started, they are sewn I just need to handsew the last few inches on the 6 pillows! that may be a task for tonight while watching a movie!

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