Thursday, May 17, 2012

Open For Business


 Ryan and I decided to open a Live Love Laugh and Renovate Etsy shop!  What are we selling you may ask??? Anything and everything!! Ultimately when we come up with a brilliant project that we love to make we will be posting duplicates of it at our shop for you guys to buy!!!  We are starting small but check back to our shop weekly for new items!!! And just for fun here are a few anticipated FAQ!

Why did we decide to open up shop??

Two Christmas's ago I made some of my ladies awesome jewelry display frames as presents.  I found some amazing wood picture frames at a garage sale and turned them into a display for all of their necklaces and earrings.  It wasn't until about a year later when 2 of my friends had displayed them that I started getting questions on "Where can I get one of those?" I have been thinking about making them and selling them for awhile now but had to wait until Garage Sale season!!!  WELL its upon us and last weekend Ryan and I picked up some more GREAT finds and TA DA! Here we have it our own little shop!!  This is only the start of course. As I make more things I plan on selling them as well! (Below are a few items available for sale)

What other things do you plan on selling?

I love to knit and have run out of people to knit things for!  So I plan on adding some lovely knitted items for the fall/winter.  Of course there will be the jewelry frames, lots more of those to come! As well we plan on upcycling other items and selling them too!  I promise to update everyone here when we add new exciting items!!

Where is your Shop?

WELL just head on over here to the Live Love Laugh and Renovate Shop

Wish us luck!!!!  If you haven't already discovered Etsy its a GREAT site to browse for handmade items!!!!

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