Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Play Kitchen Progress Part 1

Over the weekend I had a chance to work on the play kitchen and I'm telling you it was FUN! I got to pull out the drill and the jigsaw and get down and dirty!!!! The dust was flying, the noise was loud and I was having a BLAST!!!!!  There is something so soothing about holding a saw and creating something totally awesome! Anyway down to the details. Remember this nightstand?

Well it currently looks like this!!!  I forgot to take pictures of the progress because I was just having so much fun with my power tools!!!  FYI for anyone reading this a hand sander WOULD BE an AWESOME present for me (ours is toast!).

Now more on what I did.  First I picked up a metal bowl for the sink at Dollarama (gotta love that store!!) and drew a circle on the top of the nightstand.  I had to make sure it wasn't right on the edge or else the top drawer wouldn't slide in and out because it would catch on the bowl. Then I cut inside my drawn line about a quarter of an inch so the bowl wouldn't fall through and I had a lip to glue the bowl onto. Here is my somewhat even bowl hole. I didn't make it perfect because you won't see it once the bowl is installed and glued in place.

Next I measured off a window for the oven... I used 2 of Norah's books pushed together to make the perfect size... hey they were the perfect size and I knew they would even! No measuring tape for me! lol.  Then I used the jig saw to cut this hole out as well.  Now the edges on this are not straight so I plan on using some quarter round edging to even it out and hide my ugly cuts. My plan is to use some screen to cover the hole so you can still see in and the quarter round will hide the edges of that too which is perfect! Here is the oven window (sorry having issues turning the photo again... argh)

After those two holes were cut it was time for some sanding. I sanded down the whole nightstand.  I wanted the inside of the oven to be dark (because an oven is dark inside!) SO I taped off the edges that I wanted to be light later on and spray painted the inside black.  I decided on one coat of paint inside for a slightly unfinished blotchy look, closer to the inside of an actual oven rather than a completely coated black inside.  I like the streakiness on the inside, it gives it character!!  

Finally I pulled out some primer and primed the outside of the entire nightstand.  I even managed to sand down the high gloss laminate sections and prime them as well. It actually worked better than I expected it to so I may have to change my plans... we shall see.  I forgot to take a picture of the primed oven but believe me its white now!!  So this week I'm hoping to finish priming and painting the oven so I can move on to building the back piece and shelf! But so far I'm LOVING IT!!!  Wait till you see the fun finishes I have for this!!!

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