Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday Wish List

Well its just about that time of the year again... I'm about to turn 29... AHHH that much closer to 30!!  Mind you when your husband is edging closer to 40 turning 30 really doesn't seem that bad!  But still... this will be my last year in my 20s!!!  As in years past here is my bday wish list... 90% of which is more a dream list!!! haahaa!!

#1) First off lets start small.. HOW CUTE ARE THESE???  I found them on Etsy and think they are super cute slippers for those cools days around the house!!  You can find them here at BrokenHallelujah best part is they are made right here in Toronto! I love local!!!

#2) Its no lie that I'm obsessed with peacock patterns etc.  I LOVE them lately.  Thats why this necklace is TOTALLY awesome!!! AND its made out of leather!! SOOOO cool!!!  It can be found at TZain

#3) I would LOVE to get some professional fun family photos!!! I had originally bought a photo session through a deal website but the photographer has decided to not honour the voucher anymore... ARGH!  At least I got my money back but now I don't get photos!!

#4) This dress from Joe Fresh! Its SUPER cute! I tried it on and love it but just couldn't justify spending the money on it!

#5) CARDIGANS!! I'm like a cardigan freak... I love them because they are great with ANY outfit at work!!!!  Over dresses to keep warm in the office, over tank tops, with skirts or pants etc. I'm in love! I NEED MORE.  I have like 2 black ones and a grey one... I want some fun coloured cardigans!!!  Joe Fresh has some for $19 but everytime I go in they don't have the colours I like.
#6) Now to get a little more practical, but more expensive. I WANT A FENCE!!!!  Honestly... I know it doesn't seem like a big birthday present but I would like a fence on the one side of our backyard so our stupid anal neighbour can stay out of our way!  However I know realistically this won't happen but this would be the BEST PRESENT EVER!!!

#7) Even more practical and totally crappy but would be appreciated and loved none the less... A CLEANING LADY!!! Someone to come even once a month and do my vaccuming and dusting!!!  THAT would be awesome!!!

#8) Last but not least.... A totally awesome bottle of red wine! Mmmmmmm I love my red wine!!! 

Now I started out this post planning on adding some ridiculous items to my wish/dream list... but in the end I realized this is basically what I want/like right now.  If I was to put them in order honestly a fence would be at the top of my list but I know that is not going to happen! I'd settle for a bottle of wine and my friends and families company!! :-)

Thats it for my wish list. :-)

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