Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pictures Pictures Everywhere

I finally got around to hanging a few pictures around the house that have been lying around.  First lets start with my shadow box update! Remember my post here how I wasn't happy with my painted shadow boxes... they were too blah...

Well they now look like this!!!

I had some amazing peacock fabric that I bought for another project (which I finally realized I didn't want to do) so I thought it would look amazing as a background for my shadow boxes!!

I LOVE how it turned out! It adds some colour to my bland living room and that is my goal right now!!!

Next up was my front hall.  We have lived here for 8 months and the front hall wall has been bare the entire time!! SO I pulled out our mirrors a few weeks ago and hung a few of them. Then stopped because I wasn't sure what pattern to finish them in.

 After thinking about it for a few weeks I finally got around to finishing the hall wall up. I used the pictures that used to hang in the bedroom in the front hall and love them there.

This week I was randomly in Bouclair Home on my lunch just browsing and came across this amazing canvas that I couldn't stop starring at!  I have been trying not to buy too many things lately as we have so much stuff so I walked away but I couldn't stop thinking about it!!!!  So I went back and starred at it for about 10 minutes and decided I was in love!  Then I looked at the price... ON SALE for $9.98 down from $34.99!!! SOLD!! Isn't she pretty!!! I have always had an obsession with drops of water!

She looks great in the living room!!  I have a plan in the works (just waiting for it to dry) to add two decorative mirrors on either side of this picture in a lovely greenish silver.  Hopefully I'll have those up soon.


Now I'm not going to say I'm finished with those spaces as the pictures may always change but for now I'm liking it!!!

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