Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Something Missing

Have you ever had a project you've been dying to do and when its all said and done you look at it and go "oh... that's not like I imagined it in my head."  Well that was what happened with my shadow boxes!  Lets recap a bit.  In the old house I had four black shadow boxes hanging in our living room and they looked amazing!

The black on bright green walls with dark furniture looked great! However, in the new house I'm going for a lighter look (at least slowly trying to!) Since everything in the new living room is white I decided I wanted to paint my shadow boxes white!  So when I was painting my mirror and a few other projects I pulled them out and painted got to work on them! (FYI I use an old can opener to pry open my paint cans... don't ask. I have a paint can opener but can never find it and this works great! Ryan always laughs at me!)

After a coat of Zinsser primer and 2 coats of paint these puppies were done and I happily hung them on the nook across from Norah's play area in the living room where I had been humming and haaaing for months about what to hang there. Then I grabbed a few random things from around the living room (mostly off of the fireplace mantle) and put them in my boxes.  And this is what I had.

Initially I was pleased. And then I starred at it from a distance.

I LOVE the idea of it but they just don't pop like I wanted them too!  They blend into the wall too much!!  I do plan on painting and distressing our credenza a creamy white at some point and I'm afraid the shadow boxes are just too BLAH for my liking!!

BUT I have a plan!!  I have decided to put a fun paper or material on the back of the boxes to give them a kick of colour!!  I think I will be plenty happy with that!!  I just haven't had a chance to do it! I have some awesome peacock material I bought for the new curtains in the living room and if I ever get around to doing them and have extra material I think it would be a great way to tie it in!!!  Anyway that's my Oh Poo That Isn't What I Wanted moment from last week!

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