Friday, August 24, 2012

Seeing Green... Kinda

Yesterday I updated you on all of the pictures I had hung around the house here. And I said I was working on a project to add more to the wall in the living room with my new $10 blue canvas.  Well it is finished and I am loving the result! This is the picture I am talking about.  Before I get into what I did I want to explain a few things.
First of all I knew I wanted to add something else on either sides of this canvas because it is a large wall and this canvas just wasn't cutting it on its own! My next problem was the living room was getting too much blue (between the peacock shadow boxes here, the pillows and the rug it was all blue) I love blue but the problem is that the curtains in our bay window have a greenish tinge. This photo doesn't do them justice... they are similar to the wall colour but have more of a green undertone in them.

The next problem with all the blue was that my dining room chairs which I had just recovered  (see here) are striped with green and a little bit of blue.  Since the dining room is part of the living room I wanted to tie both rooms together and not have a blue room and a green room. 

So after some thought I figured I would test the 'green' idea out.  I had picked up a bunch of the Malma Ikea mirrors in natural wood finish at one of their Wacky Wednesday sales for 50 cents each.  Since I have like 20 of them I figured even if I mess up one of these I can either just paint over it or throw it out.  Luckily I didn't have to do either because for once I did it right the first time!!!  I pulled out some silver paint (same paint I had used for the art project in our bedroom here and the knobs on my jewelry display here), for $1 this paint is definitely worth the money!!  Anyway, I pulled out the silver paint and some bright lime green paint that I had lying around and mixed them together.  I wasn't entirely thrilled with the colour but I figured I would try it out and learn from what I figured would be my mistake.  However, as I started to paint the colour on it was incredible, the silver shined through with only hints of the green... I immediately loved it!!  Now it isn't massively green which isn't what I wanted anyway.  Since my curtains are subtly green and my dining room chairs are also subtly green I didn't want something HUGELY green.  What I ended up with was PERFECT!  So with that said here is my completed project. Nothing over the top crazy... just painted Malma Mirrors. But I'm glad I kept it simple. 

In comparison to the wall they don't really look that green in these photos but they are! I forgot to take an up close photo of them, I'll update this post with that photo at some point.

And just for clarification, I hung the painting high because Norah's magnetic wall is just below it and when it has magnets on it the canvas doesn't appear as high as it does in this photo.

Have a great weekend everyone!! 

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