Sunday, April 17, 2011

Basement Bathroom Progress

WE HAVE PROGRESS!! Not only do we have progress but we're almost finished this LONG project!! To think that over a year ago we knocked out the concrete on the floor of the bathroom and dug down... this has been a long project!!! As previously mentioned my dad worked on hanging the door a few weeks ago. Because the opening for the doorway is so short the door we had on hand had to be cut down to size. As you can tell in the picture below. It doesn't bug me though... its a door isn't it!!!! Since it was a rainy weekend Ryan installed the door handle and him and Dave worked on the painted and finished the rest up! Other than just needing to finish the entry way and put silicon in the shower this project is DONE!!! Here is our beautiful bathroom!! This is the view from the shower, as you can see we still need to finish off the entryway and clean up the rest of our basement, BUT it looks great!
The mirror and vanity lights!

The pot lights.

Now its time to shop for accessories for the bathroom! We have an amazing picture that we want to hang on the wall across from the sink and toilet but I just have to get it framed first.

Ryan and I did some math on this project and even though we haven't completely kept track of how much everything cost we figure this bathroom ran us about $5,000 at the most. Considering some people renovate bathrooms for much more than that we are very pleased that we were able to create a bathroom from nothing for that price! We LOVE how it turned out!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates on this.

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  1. looks great guys!!! I hope we can figure out a way to get a bathroom even half as good as that in our basement....sigh! hahaha