Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunny Little Sun Dress

I LOVE this dress!!! I finally managed to make it to Fabricland and pick up the supplies I needed to finish Norah's summer dress. And while I was there I also picked up a bunch of material that was on sale which I will use to make MORE DRESSES!!! haahaa! I'm completely hooked! I LOVE how this dress turned out!!! (Reminder: You can find the pattern over at or click here)

I had originally wanted to do orange or yellow piping and bias tape... BUT alas Fabricland only had blah colours of piping... I was super disappointed! But upon second check they had red piping so I caved and bought it. I am SO happy that I did, I love how it turned out with the red! And with all that blabber here is the finished front of the dress!

And the back of the dress... mind you it really doesn't make too much of a difference which side is the front and which is the back!

Did you see the cute bloomers I made???? They were SOOOOO easy! I originally wanted to make the bloomers on Martha Stewarts website. But after printing out the pattern I realized it had to be enlarged by 250%.... and not having the equipment to do that I went on a search for a new pattern.

I came across this tutorial at Dana Made It and away I went. In less than a half hour I had these cute bloomers done!!! They were so easy I plan on making many more!!!!

One dress down... I have enough material to make about 30 more!! haahaa!!! I will be making the straps of the dress longer though so that I can tie the bows bigger and easier. But I am still super happy with how this dress turned out!!! Stay tuned for more cute dresses!!!


  1. hey, this cold be a side business for while you are on Mat leave? And I LOVE the bloomers. Super cute. PS this is Corinne :)